Desertphile's 1957 Westerner Restoration Project

Indispensable help on this project has been and is being given to me by Larry Mobiltec. He has a PATREON account, a YouTube account, and of course also his own web site.
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2018 March 18. The 1957 Westerner arrived at the ranch.

YouTube Video 001: Introduction
YouTube Video 002: Cutting Out the Roof Vent

"Previous owners do all kinds of crazy things trying to deal with leakage. All they really had to do was change the putty tape about once every 7 to 15 years depending upon their climate. We call that a 're-seal.' Doesn't really take all that long to do and your trailer will last forever if you do it. All that framing needs to be replaced along with the paneling anyhow. Curbing too. May as well do it right while you are in there and have the roof metal off. Way to go David. Moving along nicely."

Images Page 02.

2018 March 23. The 1957 Westerner rear panels, rotten wood.

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2018 March 24. The 1957 Westerner rear, front, top skins removed.

Images Page 04.

2018 April 21. The 1957 Westerner bed platform rebuilt. Also two rear panels installed.

Images Page 05.

2018 May 05. The 1957 Westerner rear window frame, and partial front window frame.

Images Page 06.

2019 November 12. "Curbing" around the inner edges. Also the new metal skin--- THE WRAP. Insulation and vapor barrier also.

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2019 November 27. Roof vent box, and internal lighting. Also tail lights and windows.

Images Page 08.

2019 December 1. New window screen, rear metal skin, and tail lights.